27 Nov 2020

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Scouting Report Cam Akers Running Back Florida State Seminoles

Florida State was not as consistent over the past few seasons as what it normally has been. The same cannot be said for running back Cam Akers. Akers effort and production did not waiver for the Seminoles, even though his offensive line was not a dominant force throughout his career at Florida State.

What scouts will love about Akers is that he was able to create his own production running behind an inferior offensive line. I like how Akers contributes in the passing game, he has good hands and can make tough receptions look easy. Akers has the ability to turn a short gain into a long one and he gets better as the game progresses. Akers will find a hole near the goal line and punch in the end zone.

Akers needs to become more protective of the football. Cam has a tendency to fumble and that is something that must be improved. Needs to learn not to seek out the contact and avoid it, which will safe on unnecessary hits. He does an adequate job of picking up the blitz, but he could become more consistent in his blocking.

One player that helped his cause at the combine is Cam Akers. Akers ran a 4.47 forty-yard dash and helped ease any questions scouts may have about his speed. I had originally projected Akers of falling into the third round. After the combine, I think Akers will be a second round selection provided his pro day is a solid one.

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