24 Nov 2020

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Jarran Reed Scouting and Free Agency Report


4th-year veteran and former 2nd round pick out of Alabama by Seattle. Only missed 2 games in his career until 2019 where he missed 6 games due to suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy relating to a domestic violence case from 2017. Reed played in all 16 games in 2018 where he racked up 10.5 sacks and 24 QB hits while playing 78% of the team’s snaps. Those numbers dropped in 2019, and in 6 games posted 2 sacks with 8 QB hits.


Good build; long arms, strong hands and a well-balanced build allows Reed to play low, and fast and win with leverage. Good AA; shows good explosiveness off the LOS and maintains balance upon initial contact, and shows good discipline in keeping his pad level low through contact. Shows good ability to win with agility off the LOS and also as a counter move. Good competitive toughness, consistent aggressiveness for all 4 Q’s with good ability to keep fighting through, and occupying double teams in the 1-3 technique. Good play strength; can win with power and leverage with equal ability in his UOH to shed blocks, and knock OL off balance. Good play speed and mental processing; processes and diagnoses plays quickly which allows him to play full-speed without hesitation. Does a very good job reading the OL and reacting off the snap to be disruptive in the backfield. In his mental processing, he shows a good ability against double-teams when he’s stuck at the LOS to get his hands up and time the jump to take away passing lanes from the QB’s vision. In my film review, Reed had at least 6 potential batted balls go through his arms. Good pursuit; sheds blocks and continues to attack upfield with good angles and motor to key the ball and make stops at or behind the LOS.


Adequate ability as a 5-tech, although possesses the athleticism to play the position consistently in an odd-man front. Lacks a true pass rush nuance off the OT, and the small array of moves fizzles out quickly against better, more physical Tackles. At the 1-3 tech, if Reed isn’t winning off the snap, his pass rush struggles. His game is predicated on winning off the snap, and using his strength and quickness to win from that point. If he gets beat to his spot, the pass rush struggles. Adequate job playing with a PR lean from an outside 5-tech position; needs to maintain the technique he possesses when he plays inside, and play more in control and trust his abilities to get home.



I went to the 2018 tape for Reed, simply because 10.5 sacks for an IDL is really hard to ignore. His 2019 film showed the same disruptive plays in the backfield without the gaudy numbers. Overall, Reed is a more than capable starter in the NFL that can be featured primarily in both odd and even man fronts, provided his reps as a 5-tech are advantageous to him, and not expected to be a consistent asset from that spot. Playing the interior, 1-3 tech, Reed can be trusted to win many matchups, and eat double-teams to give teammates 1-on-1 opportunities, and allow the Linebackers to roam free without OL getting to the 2nd level. Reed’s 2018 film is fantastic, and really shows how talented he is. The picture below, showing the bend and athleticism from someone 312 pounds is more than impressive, combined with the awareness to swat the ball out of Cousins’ hand is impressive. Also, the game against Minnesota was 1 week after leaving the Philadelphia game with a sprained ankle. Just goes to show the mental toughness and ability Reed possesses.

Rumors and projections show Reed could receiver upwards of $10M/year, and for someone with that double-digit sack potential and run stuffing ability, it isn’t a farfetched number. His play translates well to both physical and finesse OL’s, and does a good job playing the selfless role of just occupying the LOS. Reed’s skills can translate to 3-4 or 4-3 defense, so I think there should be plenty of suitors. With the Giants’ recent cap moves, they’ve moved themselves into 6th in terms of cap space with $73M. They may not be 100% committed to the 3-4, but a guy like Reed allows them the flexibility. Some of the Lions’ staff are working for their jobs; everyone seems to be on the hot seat, and the mocks of them taking Derrick Brown may not excite anyone, or buy that staff enough time. The time to move on from Stafford is a couple years old already, and they could add someone like Reed, and buy themselves time by drafting a QB. Given his abilities, I could list far too many teams on this list, but whoever gets Reed gets a guy in his prime, that could mitigate the need to address the position via the draft.

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