24 Nov 2020

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#11 Dane Jackson
HT: 5’11-5/8″
WT: 180 lbs
DOB: 11/29/1996
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Cornell (Quaker Valley, PA)
Accolades: 2019 2nd Team All-ACC. 2018 Honorable Mention All-ACC.

Scouting Report: CB Dane Jackson, Pittsburgh

Speed/Athleticism: Dane Jackson has excellent quickness and moves laterally very well. Accelerates and bursts very well, possibly among the top in the class. He has very good speed.

Man/Press Coverage: Jackson thrives in man and press coverage. Played mostly press in college, and did very well. Disruptive physicality makes him a difficult man to beat. Stays well within his five-yard range to be physical, although sometimes he can be handsy at the top of routes. Recovers well when receivers get a good release on him.

Zone Coverage Ability: Jackson wasn’t asked to play zone coverage very much and teams keyed into his absence when he did as the season progressed. It’s hard to really judge how well he plays zone coverage.

Ball Skills: Jackson has excellent ball skills. He seems to be always affecting the catch whether getting in front of it or by disrupting the receiver. Attacks the football aggressively.

Tackling/Pursuit: I love Jackson’s willingness to tackle and make contact. He’s very solid in this regard. Moves quickly and is decisive in his angles. Very good open-field tackler who doesn’t miss many opportunities.  I’d really like to see him put some meat on his frame as his body looks very small.

Mental Aspect

Football IQ/Awareness: Dane Jackson shows excellent football intelligence and awareness. Stays calm and reacts well to things, even when beat. Understands offensive concepts. Was a dual-threat quarterback in high school.

Leadership/Personality: I got a very good interview in at the Senior Bowl with Dane. I found a confident individual ready to show what he’s capable of doing. He knows that he has strengths to his game, and he’s comfortable with it. I do think some teams will be rubbed the wrong way by him. However, I love this aspect of his game and I’m okay with his confidence. I don’t believe it will be anything that will wreak a locker room.


Dane Jackson is an excellent football player and despite his lack of real size and need to fill out his frame, he’s physical and an aggressive tackler. He understands what the offense is doing because he played quarterback in high school. He’s a phenomenal prospect with a high ceiling, and what’s better is a low floor. I like him as an early day-two guy, presuming that he tests well at the Combine.

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