27 Oct 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

The Oregon Ducks have been known for explosive offenses over the past decade. What goes under the radar for the Ducks is a solid defense. Troy Dye has been a member of the Ducks’ defense at the linebacker position and his instincts are what stood out to me when I sat down to watch his tape.

I like how physical Dye is. Dye displays excellent instincts and does a great job of identifying the run and the pass plays. Dye does a good job of dropping back into pass coverage. Dye is able to pick up opposing tight ends and tends to create problems with his speed. Dye has a high motor and will not give up on a play. Dye is patient enough to fend off the blocks and still be able to make a play in the backfield.

Dye makes good use of his quickness, which is a good thing because he does tend to get overwhelmed with some of the more powerful offensive linemen he has gone up against. Dye would benefit from building some strength and putting on some weight. As easy as it does to get blocked out of a play in the PAC-12 it is much easier in the NFL.

I have Dye going in the early third round. Dye has a great motor and does not give up on any play, but he does need to gain strength and put on a few pounds to compete in the NFL. I would not be shocked to see him really impress scouts at the combine, he has the talent and the work ethic to accomplish it.

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