24 Nov 2020

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Cameron Brown Linebacker Penn State Nittany Lions

Cameron Brown is another player that has been moved all over the field by the Penn State Nittany Lions. Penn State will likely be another Nittany Lions’ linebacker that winds up playing on Sundays. Following in the footsteps of Shane Conlan and numerous other Penn State linebackers.

Brown’s versatility is a strength, as he has lined up all over the field for Penn State. Brown does a good job of covering running backs coming out of the backfield. Brown has good size for the position at 6’5” 230 pounds. Brown has good speed and shows a different gear in the open field. Brown is a player that has the strength to force fumbles and cause turnovers.

Brown has excellent height for the position, but he could stand to gain a few pounds to get ready for the NFL. Cam must do a better job of engaging blockers as well as being able to fend off blockers. He is a willing tackler but at times he has had the ball carrier run through him. Brown must find a way to improve his tackling.

I am a Cam Brown fan, but he has areas that needs some work. I have Brown being selected in mid-sixth to early seventh round. The possibility exists that Brown may move up as the draft process starts to work itself out.

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