28 Nov 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

One of the most intriguing prospects that has caused under the radar the past few seasons is Kendall Coleman. Coleman is a bit unpredictable; he can look dominant one minute and a bit sloppy the next. Coleman can disrupt both the running and passing games for the opposing team and has the potential to play on Sundays.

Coleman can be a nightmare for opposing tackles, when he is rushing the passer. Coleman does a good job lowering his inside shoulder to keep his outside one free for turning the corner. Kendall’s spin move to the inside is impressive and it keeps opposing offensive lineman off balance. Coleman’s explosiveness is his most impressive quality, at times he can explode into the offensive backfield.

Becoming more consistent is something that Coleman must improve upon. Improving his tackling must also be a priority for Coleman. Improving his speed is the final item that Coleman needs to improve upon as the NFL Combine looms closer.

I currently have Coleman project as a late sixth to seventh round selection. Coleman could also fall into the free agent category. The Orange defender has a chance to improve his stock with good showings at his pro day and at the combine. Coleman has potential, but he must tap into it, in order to play on Sundays.

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