3 Dec 2020

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IOL Zach Sammartino, Dartmouth

#50 Zach Sammartino
HT: 6’3″
WT: 316 lbs
DOB: 5/20/1997
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: North Hills (Pittsburgh, PA)
Accolades: 2019 1st Team All-Ivy. 2019 First Team Division I All-New England.

Scouting Report: IOL Zach Sammartino, Dartmouth

Athleticism: Zach Sammartino is certainly very limited athletically. Don’t turn on his tape expecting to find a speedy monster pulling in front of running backs on sweep plays. While he is very quick, athleticism isn’t so much a part of Sammartino’s game. Sammartino is capable of pulling for short distances, maybe two gaps at best. Simply doesn’t have the NFL speed to accomplish that.

Power/Strength: Powerful interior force. Absolutely dominated at the FCS level. Loves to finish blocks with power. He has excellent upper body strength that allows him to control the block. Once he locks down people, it’s pretty much over.

Pass Blocking: Keeps his hands inside and low, preventing defenders from being able to bend under him or get any leverage. Sammartino shows a good anchor, but I think his bend is limited. As long as he doesn’t get pushed too far back, he is fine. He shows a tendency on tape of getting beat inside sometimes, something to work on for sure.

Run Blocking: Sammartino is a mauler by definition. He shows excellent work in the run game. A powerful blocker who is looking to take down the opponent. Again, he keeps his hands low and close and does well to lockdown defenders. Has the ability to work up into the second level, but doesn’t do so consistently, focusing on the initial defender entirely.

Mental Aspects

Football IQ/Awareness: Zach Sammartino is very aware of the field around him. Correctly identifies assignments quickly and without a hitch generally.

Leadership/Personality: N/A.


Zach Sammartino is one of these high ceiling players. He’s got a ton of potential to grow, he played right guard in college and he’s a very strong run blocker. Sammartino shows us flashes of being able to be more than capable as a pass blocker, he actually didn’t allow a sack throughout the 2019 season. However, his lack of real bend in pass protection makes you wonder how well he will hold up against power rushers at the NFL level. He didn’t get a combine invite, so it will be a long climb up from here. I like him as a developmental day three project in a power zone scheme, someone that could work into a starting role over the next couple of years.

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