23 Sep 2020

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Darrell Taylor Scouting Report


Senior from Virginia played 4 seasons at Tennessee and remained pretty productive throughout his time. Between 2018 and 2019, Taylor had 16.5 sacks for a Tennessee team struggling to rebuild itself and get back to their winning ways. According to PFF’s grading system, for 2019, Taylor had a better grade than notable names like Bradlee Anae, K’Lavon Chaisson, Yetur Gross-Matos, Josh Uche and Terrell Lewis. All of which I’ve seen much higher than Taylor on every Big Board.


Very good size for the position; 6’4, 255lbs with good AA to maintain his balance throughout contact off the LOS. Good get-off and has a pass rush plan to always have a counter move back inside, and does a good job setting up his outside moves with hesitation moves back across the Tackle’s face. Good play strength, stays low in his attack and with arms extended, gets a good push on the OT and continues to drive into the pocket. Play strength also allows him to occupy blockers and give teammates a free rush to the QB in passing situations. In the run game does a good job setting the hard EDGE and squeezing down the LOS on dive plays to protect against the cut-back but keep himself in position to make stops at the LOS.


Adequate explosiveness in his get-off. Doesn’t come off the ball with much pop to separate himself from the rest of the DL and displays poor bend around the EDGE. Adequate UOH, the hands need to be more of a factor with more consistency to allow him to use more of his play strength. In the passing game, there are too many times the hands are just there to hold off the Tackle rather than using them to rip/swim and shed blocks. Needs to maintain pad level with more consistency when he’s lined up over a TE. Tends to come out of his stance too high and leaves himself susceptible to getting blown off the ball against opponents he should dominate. Adequate competitive toughness, too many plays taken off where he could assert himself more with more aggression to stay involved. The aggression also dips off late in games when Tennessee were down big. For a player who doesn’t have a big motor to begin with, he played disinterested and it couldn’t be any more evident on tape.


Taylor’s 2019 Georgia film will put you to sleep; there aren’t too many positives to take away from it which was a little concerning to me due to the fact those are 2 NFL caliber Tackles he faced all night. The video I posted below shows Taylor getting the sack, but I don’t think it was necessarily a good rep. I see a guy almost 260lbs briefly leave his feet to swim a Guard. It worked on that play, but that same move is something he tried to do against Florida and Georgia to no avail. Smarter, more physical OL see a DL/DE leave their feet and in both occasions the OG gave a quick jab to his chest and knocked him off balance. I’m not sure if this is a scouting report as much as it is a knock of PFF’s grading system. On tape, I see someone who takes too many plays off, takes himself out of plays, and doesn’t live up to the talent he’s been given. When he flashes the ability to utilize hesitation moves to beat an OT across his face, he’s a terrific player, when those ugly plays rear their head, he looks like a 5th round talent. But the commitment to Tennessee, throughout all the program’s recent turmoil, leads me to believe he’s got the character you want who can stay the course, and be a leader knowing there’s a plan in place (if selected to a poor team). Coaches love those guys, and can mold that type of personality to fit the starting traits they may find on film. I believe Taylor, with the right coaching, can be a serviceable player at the EDGE position who can play with standing up and with his hand in the dirt. The 2nd video is Taylor’s best rep in the 3 games I watched, and what he’s capable of doing. The effort, strength, and ability to plant his foot, take a straight line to the QB and work back inside is what he needs to show more of.


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