20 Sep 2020

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EDGE Chase Young, Ohio State

HT: 6’4-7/8″
WT: 264 lbs
Hand: 10″
Arm: 33-3/4″
Wing: 80-5/8″
DOB: 4/14/1999
Year: Junior
High School: Dematha Catholic (Hyattsville, MD)
Accolades: 2019 1st Team All-American. 2019 1st Team All-Big Ten. 2018 2nd Team All-Big Ten.

Scouting Report: EDGE Chase Young, Ohio State

Speed/Athleticism: Chase Young is one of the most gifted athletes at this position that we have seen in quite some time. Quick enough to move around college-level guards and disrupt plays from a 7-tech. Should perform well at the combine. 14/15. 

Burst/Bend: Solid burst off of the line of scrimmage. Young is absolutely lethal when he times the snap count right. Bend is pretty good, I’ve seen better, but he can get low and work inside. Sometimes gets forced too high by focusing on the blocker’s hands. 17/20.

Edge Tools

Power/Strength: Good power in all aspects of his game. Has the ability to rip well, and get’s inside with ease. Power in his lower body is adequate as he can bull rush some smaller, less fortunate tackles. 21/25.

Finesse/Handwork: The tools are there for Young as a finesse rusher, now he needs to be coached to better use them. Sometimes focuses too long on fighting through hands, needs to naturally claw them away and focus on getting inside. When he does that, he’s almost unstoppable. 14/20.

Tackling/Pursuit: Good tackler, although not because he has good form. Violent with his contact. Young likes to throw smaller players around. Sometimes he doesn’t take great pursuit angles and ends up diving at the runners’ shoes. 16/20.

Leadership/Personality: Young comes from humble beginnings, and it shows in his body language. He is more of a quiet performer than he is a vocal leader, and that’s fine. Young shouldn’t be a locker room issue. The issue was raised his final year in college (and he served a two-game suspension for it) that he took money from a family friend to fly his girlfriend to the Rose Bowl to watch him play, a debt he paid back. 5/5.

Overall: Chase Young is one of the best EDGE rushers that we have seen come out of college in recent memory. I don’t think that Young is better than Nick Bosa, but he can impact the field in very much the same way. Young has an explosive game and can take it over with his dominating performances. He’s going to be a high impact player immediately next season wherever he lands, and will certainly be in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Top Five prospect for sure.

Injury Rating: (3)
Ceiling Rating: (4)
Final Grade: 94

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