18 Sep 2020

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Antoine Winfield Jr Safety Minnesota Golden Gophers

Winfield Jr.is part of a talented but underrated safeties class, in this year’s draft class. Winfield Jr. has the talent to end up going in the early rounds of the NFL draft. The safety group is not a particularly deep one so a team could take Winfield Jr. earlier than expected.

Winfield Jr. has a nose for the football and seems to always be around the ball. Antoine will either bat the ball away or he will pick the pass off. He will make the quarterbacks work and often take the check down when is harassing the tight end or the running backs. Winfield Jr. sees the field well and has good instincts, which helps him create plays and disrupt what the opposing offenses are attempting to accomplish. The part of Winfield Jr.’s game I am the most impressed with is his tackling, he rarely misses a tackle and that includes bringing the running back to the ground as well.

Winfield Jr.’s health is a concern having most junks of 2017 and 2018 season because of injuries. The only other area of concern is whether or not he has the speed to compete in the NFL? His instincts and his playing the football in the air should help erase those questions.

The draft projection I have for Winfield Jr. is anywhere from an early third round pick to a fourth round. The team that drafts him is going to end up with good value. Winfield Jr. has the chance to improve his stock at the pro day and combine and he could wind up climbing draft boards.

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