28 Nov 2020

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K’lavon Chaisson Scouting Report


RS Sophomore from Houston, TX. Came to LSU in 2017, but missed nearly the entire 2018 season after tearing his ACL in the season opener against Miami and still managed to rack up 5 tackles and 1 sack before the injury. In 2019, the 6’4, 250LB EDGE rusher racked up 60 tackles, and 6.5 sacks. Chaisson is a long, rangy EDGE rusher with an NFL ready body, with a solid, balanced build ready to step in as a day-1 EDGE rusher.


Truly nuanced at all facets of the position. With very good AA, oily hips, good explosiveness and acceleration, and good functional play-strength, Chaisson can rush the QB, defend the run, play inside, and drop into coverage whether it be in the flat, or being able to turn his back to the QB and deflect passes downfield and does it on both sides of the field. He plays with a natural bend in his pass rush, good placement and good UOH to knock OL off balance, and continues relentless pursuit in his bull rush, or simply an outside move to get lower and faster than the OT. Good competitive and mental toughness; high-motor, doesn’t take plays off type of guy who brings it all 4 quarters. Zero hesitation coming back from his ACL injury; showed zero signs that he was ever hurt, and displayed all the attributes mentioned above from day 1. Good change of direction in his PR; explodes upfield off the LOS, sticks his foot in the ground and changes his course and takes a direct line to the QB.

Good strength and mental processing to quickly set a hard edge in the run game. Gets to the OT’s outside shoulder, and has contain on any runs the ball carrier may bounce outside, and has the quickness and block shed ability to maneuver back inside to make the stop behind the LOS. Good competitive toughness; rises to the occasion and brings his game to another level in the biggest spots. Good job roaming the flats in pass coverage; quickly diagnoses the play, gets himself in position to make stops at or behind the LOS in pass plays in the flat.


Adequate ability to work counter moves back inside the OT; occasionally wins with strength and quickness, but needs to develop the setup or counter move to effectively work inside PR moves. Can run himself out of position when he gets too far upfield, part of needing to slow himself down, read the Tackle, and work his counter. Needs to show more consistency in keeping outside contain on counter plays. Can be keyed on by the offense to pull out of position with runs away from him, and then expose the weak side of the field when he loses contain.



Chaisson is the best pure 3-4 EDGE rusher in the draft. He’s a top 15 talent who I think slides due to position depth, but could go as early as 13 to Indy, or fall victim to the depth at EDGE position in this year’s FA class (see pro scouting reports) but I don’t see him getting past Miami at 26, and for the sake of the rest of the NFL, not getting to Baltimore at 28. He’s a special player who understands all the nuances of the 3-4 OLB position and will be a leader in the locker room. His 2018 ACL injury could scare off people, but the fact he played 2019 without a knee brace is huge. A testament to his competitive and mental toughness, and how that falls in line with all his other attributes.

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