4 Dec 2020

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Yannick Ngakoue Scouting Report


4th year veteran who has started 62 of his 63 career games. Featured in Jacksonville’s base 4-3 scheme, with multiple hybrid looks, Ngakoue enjoyed a 2017 season that put the league on notice. Along with an over-achieving Jaguars team, Yannick racked up 12.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, and 23 QB hits while playing 74% of the team’s snaps. The 24-year old has adequate height for the position, good weight, good arm and hand size, and possesses a very good, well-balanced build to be featured in both 4-3 and 3-4 schemes.


Good AA; solid get-off and good explosiveness off the LOS and maintains his balance upon initial contact with good UOH, hand placement and force behind his punch. Jabs the OL high on the chest with 1 hand, and allows himself to win outside, or work his counter moves back inside and take a good angle to the QB. Good play-strength; works to get to the outside shoulder of the OT to set the hard EDGE and force stretch run plays into interior DL. Demonstrates that strength on outside rushes when he can plant his outside foot, not get any deeper upfield, and work in a straight line to the QB. Gets into the body with length and leverage in his bull-rush that he sets up well with previous outside rushes. Good block-shed vs tight ends; uses length and leverage to shed the block, and maintain the EDGE in the run game.


Discipline staying home in the run game becomes an issue; over-pursues misdirection run plays and play action, and voids back-side contain. In my film review, teams seem to have 1 or 2 plays throughout the game where they could target him and create big plays. Lacks a wide array of PR moves that a pass rusher expecting elite money should possess. Adequate strength vs more physical OL’s; tends to lose the leverage game playing heads-up on the OT. Lack of production is concerning for a guy who wants elite money; 8 sacks in 2019 and had 6 in 3 games. All other games he was quiet, not many QB hits, pressures, etc. My pro list is much longer than this list, but I think the cons certainly bring attention to much bigger issues.



Execs in Jacksonville seem to think this deal can get done quickly. Marcell Dareus has a 2020 cap hit of over $22M, 2 mill of that is dead cap, so cutting Dareus makes sense. Cutting Dareus for Yannick? Makes even more sense. However, as the team has struggled, the numbers that put the league on notice have tapered off as well. Since 2017, Yannick hasn’t posted a double-digit sack season, has forced 4 fumbles since his 6 in ’17, and his QB hits in 2019 took a massive drop from the 33 in ’18 to just 15. I think a deal could get done to keep Yannick in Jacksonville. If not, I think teams like the other Florida teams, Giants, possibly the Raiders, and possibly Arizona could make a play on Yannick. There are rumors he’s looking for the money his teammate Marcel Dareus is making, and if that’s the case, I believe teams will shy away. In my evaluation, I see a guy who greatly over-achieved at the same time the rest of the team did, and hasn’t nearly been the same guy. He offers good 3-4 and 4-3 versatility, and plays equally as well from both sides of the DL. Lack of production, and looking like someone that will fall victim to poor coaching is a big risk, especially for the revolving door of coaches for the teams I previously mentioned. He may want $20+M, but I think he’ll settle for 14-16 per.

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