4 Dec 2020

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Philip Rivers Free Agency


16-year veteran who has never missed a start in his career with a record of 123-101. He’s thrown for over 59k yards in his career with 397 TD’s, both ranking 6 all-time. His touchdown total is 33 more than Eli Manning, and 36 more than Roethlisberger. In his entire career with the Chargers, Rivers has had only 1 WR selected in the first round (Mike Williams), and you’d have to go back to 2005 when Vincent Jackson was selected in the 2nd at 61st overall as the highest drafted WR until Williams. Since I began writing this summary, Rivers and his wife have had 4 more kids, are now up to 26 and have uprooted the family to Florida.


Throwing with anticipation; something Rivers has arguably done better than any QB in recent memory. A savvy, veteran QB who trusts his receivers to make plays and will give them the 1-on-1 shot when it’s there. Rivers will be 39 in December, and given his age and the abuse he’s taken, he moves fairly well (much better than Eli and Brady do).


Arm strength has been a steady decline for Rivers. Players rave that he throws the most catchable ball they’ve ever caught, but there just isn’t much on it anymore. Below average decision making when things collapse has been a killer for Rivers over the past few seasons as well. However, watching the film, it’s not all on him. Rivers gets so many bad breaks from ball carrier fumbles, tipped passes at the LOS and balls that hit the WR’s in the hands and end up going the other way. The Chargers seem to almost invent new ways to lose each week. Rivers has suffered over 60 losses in his career by 7 points or less. As the life of a NFL QB goes, you get too much praise and blame, but from the film, it’s easy to see it isn’t entirely on him.


My pro and con list is short, and honestly, I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know. Rivers is a 38-year old QB who has a couple years left and can still play at a high level. Luckily for Rivers, he may have some suitors where his services could put the team into contention. He’ll get paid his money, and I don’t expect there to be much of a difference between what he’s made over the last few seasons ($23M in 2019). I think Tampa Bay presents the best opportunity for Rivers. He’s recently relocated his family to Florida, the team has a ton of cap space this spring and gets loads of young talent at the skill positions. Together, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin combined for 153 catches, 2,490 yards and 17 touchdowns. Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard also provide terrific depth and talent at the Tight End position That and playing in Bruce Arians’ system would be extremely advantageous for Rivers and possibly an Arians/Palmer situation all over again. Also, Tampa is flushed with the 4th most cap space and the 14th overall pick making this a potential quick turnaround for the Bucs. Rivers will make the decision that’s best for his family, but if a shocking decision comes where he ends up in a random location other than Florida, I think Indy can make a run at him. They don’t owe their lives to Jacoby, and with a ton of cap space, great position in the draft, the Colts could make a great pitch to get Rivers to sign.

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