27 Oct 2020

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Jordan Jenkins Scouting Report


4th year vet who has played 60 career games, starting 50 of them including 13 of 14 in 2019. Missing 2 games due to lower leg injuries. Played in Todd Bowles’ and Gregg Williams’ multiple front, 3-4/4-3 fronts that saw the Jets with the 4th highest blitz percentage in the NFL in 2019. In the 5 games viewed, Jenkins played 98% of his 253 snaps in 7-tech or wide 9, and only 8% on offense’s left side of the LOS. He’s got good height and weight for the position with good, solid build with little to no bad-weight, good arm length, and very good hand size (11 ¼”). Jenkins makes our list of free agents signings who could impact the draft stock of other EDGE rushers because he’s performed well under multiple coaches, has been successful in multiple fronts, is only 25 years old, and should come at a price where you can get a day-1-starter, and isn’t someone who necessarily brings the growing pains of a rookie.


Solid AA; good explosiveness off the LOS and comes off the EDGE with low pad level to explode into OT and solid agility on Stunts to inside Gaps. Good balance upon initial contact and balance though the play; delivers contact with solid, powerful UOH that get low and inside the OL chest to drive into the backfield. Solid against the Run, solid neutralizing blocks at the LOS playing Wide 9 and 7 Technique with solid leverage in the C Gap playing same Techniques. Good Competitive Toughness; stays aggressive in run and passing game especially during the few times he’s lined up inside the primary 2 techniques and plays heads up on the Guard. Good Play Strength to consistently set the EDGE. Sinks his hips and attacks the OL’s shoulders to set the hard EDGE. Solid Get-off and good burst to attack upfield in the run and pass game. Stays low and wins with leverage and a strong initial punch and good motor to keep driving OL. Diagnoses runs quickly and uses hands to swat OL and pursue the ball carrier. Good Body Lean against the pass with solid, low pad level to win with leverage and collapse pocket. Solid in pass coverage; stays disciplined in his zone and gets physical within the 5-yard limit to throw off timing and routes. Solid Pursuit; aligning in the 7 and 9 Tech allows him to take good, direct angles to the ball carrier. Plays with a good motor, scrapes down the OL to get ball carriers from behind, or shows good Mental Processing traits by quickly processing a quick screen, disengage from an OL, and stop a WR at or near LOS. Works through traffic with strength and good UOH to keep opponents off-balance where he can utilize his agility to attack upfield. Good in Stunts and Twists. Good force behind initial blow with solid lateral movement when engaged with a blocker to seal cut-back lane or to set the EDGE. Solid timing to loop or scrape around DL and shows good explosiveness and zero hesitation through the assigned Gap.




Adequate Bend in his AA; looks stiff in the hips and knees. Takes more direct lines into the backfield to avoid bending or using agility around the OT. Adequate Play Speed; doesn’t possess the speed or quickness to be a constant threat to win 1-on-1’s playing outside Tackles. Marginal against the Run playing on the left side of the OL. Stands up out of stance and gets washed out of plays against team’s better OL. Teams key on putting him on an island in misdirection or RPO plays where his aggressiveness works against him when they can get him to commit to the wrong direction, or he gets too shallow in his Up-field Burst. Over-pursues the play and leaves a cut-back lane or a clear path for the QB. Adequate Pass Rush with an adequate PR plan and poor array of PR moves and relies too heavily on Play Strength and UOH, and doesn’t possess a solid counter move to work back inside. Needs to do a better job of when to utilize his Rip or Swim moves that were proven to be effective in those same situations, especially if the Hand Fighting and UOH are ineffective. Easily fooled in Play Action, commits to the wrong guy and allows the QB time to throw or an open lane for the ball carrier.



Jenkins isn’t a project anymore; he’s a starting 3-4 OLB that could improve with continuity throughout a coaching staff. He’s a guy that can be trusted to win his matchups and demonstrates the ability to be able to process things in different schemes, playing different techniques. My guess is Jenkins, given his health, scheme versatility, and age, he should fetch somewhere around $4m-$5.5m per season in his next contract. Certainly, a low number to get a guy who could start day-1 and won’t be 26 until July. 19 teams ran a base, or some hybrid version of a 3-4 defense in 2019, so Jenkins should have plenty of suitors that could be interested in his services. Teams like the Giants, Titans, Lions, Patriots, could all benefit from Jenkins’ services in a great value addition.

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