4 Dec 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason


JUCO transfer in his Senior year at University of South Carolina. Kinlaw returned to school for his senior year and said he really grew up after becoming a father. He turned down a shot at NFL money for life as a dad and student-athlete. “I’m more focused,” Kinlaw said. “I got a child to feed now. So I’m all in.” Plays in Will Muschamp’s 3-4 and 4-3 scheme where he is mainly featured as a 1 and 3-tech, and occasionally moved out to the 5-tech in long passing down situations. 6’6, 310 pounds with very long arms and a good, balanced build and doesn’t carry a lot of bad weight.


Very good athleticism and quickness from the 1 and 3-tech. Explodes off the LOS and gets his hands into the OL’s chest and plays with good leverage at the point-of-attack. Good strength to neutralize double teams, and relentless, consistent aggression vs 1-on-1’s. Against the pass in the 1 and 3-tech, very disruptive up the middle. Translates well to the NFL game that’s played more from the pocket. Gets a consistent push and puts himself in position to either bat down balls at LOS or take away the QB’s ability to step up in the pocket. At the 5-tech, he’s disciplined in his pass rush as to not get deeper than the QB and allow the lane to step up and run. Shows very good ability to disengage from his block and win with Rip and Swim moves. Against the run, Kinlaw shows good strength to stalemate double teams and allow teammates to succeed when he’s lined up inside. Uses his great motor to win and make stops behind the LOS. Very Good placement with violent hands into the chest of OL with long arms to keep himself clean and allows himself to play with leverage through opponent before going into PR move where he then shows a tremendous ability to flip his hips and work through traffic and allow his strength to take over. Really shows off athleticism and explosiveness in stunts looping from 5-tech and rushing through A or B gaps. If he gets that extra yard or 2 of free rush before impact, he can wreck a play up the middle. Keeps his pad level low and allows himself to use his strength and length with a good ability to switch from finesse to power and vice-versa.


Adequate speed coming off the EDGE when lined up as a 5-tech. Isn’t the guy that’s going to bend around the Tackle and create havoc from the outside. Doesn’t possess the foot-speed to make-up ground to chase down ball carriers past the LOS. Has a small array of pass rush moves as well; struggles to win with anything other than Bull Rush, Rip or Swim moves. If those 3 fails, and the leverage is lost, the play is a wash.

Projection/Pro Comp:

1st round 1 or 3-tech in multiple front schemes. I believe with his size, length, and versatility, he is the best Interior Defensive Lineman in the 2020 draft. Has a lot of Chris Jones from Kansas City to his game. They both lost weight to be more effective from different positions, both do a tremendous job playing with power and length, and are sudden off the LOS with quick hands and good pursuit to ball carriers.

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