28 Nov 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversations: TE Stephen Sullivan, LSU

I got the chance to speak with LSU tight end Stephen Sullivan during the Senior Bowl media day event on Tuesday, January 21st. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Draft Rite (John Vogel): How was it at LSU this year? 

Stephen Sullivan: It was good. Being with the offense we had, the coach that we had, it was really good. 

Draft Rite: So what do you think is your biggest strength that you are going to bring an NFL team? 

Sullivan: Speed. Creating mismatches from being at the tight end position. Just finding that mismatch like I said before, and just getting open. Really. Because I feel like the league is becoming, with the mismatches with the tight ends, the flexible tight ends, so I feel like I could be that guy for a team. 

Draft Rite: Awesome dude. So that lack of production that people are going to hit you for? How would you answer that when someone asks you with the NFL about it? When they’re like ‘Yeah, you didn’t really produce on the stat board.’

Sullivan: I mean, I just tell them that I’m a team player. I control what I can control. I can’t just throw myself on the field. When it’s my time, it’s my time. I feel like that’s why I am here, to show what I can do. 

Draft Rite: The last thing I’m going to ask you is; what do you think is your biggest weakness?

Sullivan: Blocking. Blocking. As a tight end, I feel like my biggest weakness is blocking. Like I said in a few interviews before, if I just show that I am willing to do it, I feel like it shows a lot. 

Draft Rite: It does. They’ll give you a shot man. 

Sullivan. Yeah.

Draft Rite: That’s a good firm handshake you have got. 

Sullivan: Thank you. 

Draft Rite: You take it easy, alright?

Sullivan: Alright.

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