27 Nov 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversations: OT Charlie Heck, North Carolina

I got the chance to speak with North Carolina offensive tackle Charlie Heck during the Senior Bowl media day event on Tuesday, January 21st. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Draft Rite (John Vogel): Man, I knew that you were big, but it’s another level standing next to you. What do you think you are going to bring an NFL team as your biggest strength? 

Charlie Heck: So I would say [I’m a] technician and long and athletic. I think I have a really high ceiling that I’m just kind of tapping the surface of. 

Draft Rite: Awesome. How was it playing for Mack Brown at North Carolina? 

Heck: Oh, it was awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my senior year. You know, he brought a lot of excitement to the team and the town of Chapel Hill. 

Draft Rite: I don’t know how much you are on twitter or anything, and now I look really stupid for saying it, but I said you guys would go 1-11. (Charlie and I laughed) It was nothing against any of you, I guess I wasn’t expecting that energy boost that you guys had. So who was behind that? Was that you? Was that some other people like Sam Howell? 

Heck: Obviously, some quarterback play. Sam Howell had am amazing year. That was terrific. 

Draft Rite: Yeah, it surprised me. 

Heck: But overall, I think the biggest thing was when Coach Brown came in he explained to us that ‘this isn’t a rebuilding year. You guys are my guys. We’re here to win right now.’ People just bought into that message, and people started showing up in spring ball excited to practice every day. [That was] something I had never seen before, and we just carried that into the season. Then, people started to have fun. 

Draft Rite: That’s awesome. So what do you think is the biggest thing that you’re going to work on during the pre-draft process? 

Heck: Yeah, so just getting stronger, that’s always something to do as an o-lineman, and I want to get more aggressive in pass protection. 

Draft Rite: Okay, I gotcha. I appreciate the time. 

Heck: Yep. 

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