23 Sep 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversations: OL Colton McKivitz, West Virginia

West Virginia Mountaineers offensive lineman Colton McKivitz (53) reacts after the team scores against North Carolina State Wolfpack on Saturday.

I got an opportunity to speak with West Virginia offensive lineman Colton McKivitz during the Senior Bowl media day on Tuesday, January 21st. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Draft Rite (John Vogel): So I did a tape study on you back in December. When the season ended, and West Virginia’s season was over, I did these season roundups for teams that were done focusing on their prospects and stuff. Obviously, you’re like the most appealing prospect in West Virginia. 

Colton McKivitz: Yeah. 

Draft Rite: So first off, how was it playing in the outlier school in the Big Twelve? 

McKivitz: Personally, I didn’t really ever expect to play big college ball. You know, I started kinda playing football for fun and, you know, it was a way for me to get school paid. To have the opportunity to play at a power five school and then in the Big Twelve was an honor and something that really helped my development and I really enjoyed a lot. 

Draft Rite: Awesome. So what do you think is your biggest strength that you’re going to bring to an NFL team? 

McKivitz: Leadership-wise, and just my work ethic, and being a p***k on the field. I take pride in being physical and nasty on the field. And bleep what I said. Maybe talk a little smack if they’re willing, you know, and that’s just how the game is meant to be played and, you know, you’ve got to respect it play it the way it’s meant to. 

Draft Rite: Yeah, I hear that. So what do you think is your biggest weakness that you need to work on during the offseason?

McKivitz: Right now its hands, you know, the one thing I’ve noticed is that I’m more of a, you know, I just lay my hands on instead of using the length, and being a striking force with it. So continue working on striking guys instead of just placing hands on them. 

Draft Rite: I gotcha. Do you have a favorite NFL team? 

McKivitz: I grew up in Pittsburgh, so. I’m from Ohio, but closer to Pittsburgh than Cleveland. 

Draft Rite: Have you talked to them yet? 

McKivitz: Yeah I actually got a chance yesterday, so. 

Draft Rite: There was a little bit of buzz. I was sitting in front of them during the weigh-ins and they were kinda like, “oh!” You know, and I was like… Just figured I would throw that out at you. 

McKivitz: (laughs) That’s awesome. 

Draft Rite: Anyways, best of luck to you man. I appreciate you taking a minute. 

McKivitz: Yeah. 

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