28 Nov 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversations: K Tyler Bass, Georgia Southern

I got the opportunity to speak with Georgia Southern kicker Tyler Bass during the Senior Bowl media day event, Tuesday, January 21st. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Draft Rite (John Vogel): How was it at Georgia Southern? How did you like playing there? I almost went there, so. 

Tyler Bass: Oh, it’s great, man. You know, we really preach about our brotherhood, you know? So it really is a brotherhood. But playing for Coach Lunsford and staff, they do everything they can to make sure that we are ready to go. We’re nice and prepared. Just ready to go perform on the field. They do a good job of helping us out. Just really giving us the answers to all of our questions, and really just preparing us to be great. I love it down there and I’m really grateful for the opportunity they gave me there. 

Draft Rite: So what do you think your range is? 

Bass: Usually my range can go from maybe sixty-five and in, but if there’s a lot of wind you can add a little more, but if there’s a lot of wind going one way against me you can take some down. On average, I say, like, the low sixties I feel pretty good about. You know, it’s always fun to test it each day, it’s all about how I feel depends on how far I’m gonna kick. Somedays, you might never know. One day I might be a little farther, the next day I might be a little shorter. 

Draft Rite: Okay, I gotcha. So, you’re more accurate, right? There are power kickers and then there are accurate kickers, and you’ve always been more of one of those accurate guys. 

Bass: Yeah, but I can always improve on that. I like to think that I am kinda a power kicker too, but I do kick-offs and I pride myself on kick-offs. I can always improve on that too. 

Draft Rite: Awesome dude. So what do you think is the biggest thing you’re going to be working on as a kicker during this process?

Bass: First of all, I’m just going to soak in this experience. I want to really get comfortable. Just learning how the NFL works. I gotta get used to the hash-marks, get used to the balls. But for me, just remain consistent. I don’t want to overdo it. Don’t want to over-kick one day, just remain consistent. Give quality reps. Just get ready to go and get really prepared for the game. 

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