4 Dec 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversation: S Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois

I got a chance to speak with Southern Illinois safety Jeremy Chinn on the Senior Bowl media day, Tuesday, January 21st. Here’s a transcript of our conversation.

Draft Rite (John Vogel): So, I watched you, I filed an official scouting report on you before I came down here. It was hard-pressed to find tape some Southern Illinois tape, but, I was able to find some and I was able to look at you. I think you’re one of the guys who could potentially rise this week. Okay? Especially with some of the guys who dropped out. What is the biggest strength that you’re going to bring to the table and showcase? 

Jeremy Chinn: Leadership. That’s something that I take a lot of pride in. Accountability. Someone who knows where he’s gonna be and suppose to be. Also tackling. Really, just competing. You know? I’m a competitor with everything so that’s why I’m excited to be here this week. 

Draft Rite: How fast do you think you’re going to run that forty? 

Chinn: Really fast. 

Draft Rite: Really fast?

Chinn: Yeah. 

Draft Rite: I’m looking forward to see it. I really am. Now, what is the biggest weakness that you’re going to kinda be working on? 

Chinn: I’d say processing in zone coverage. Low pad level. Lateral movements. 

Draft Rite: Okay. Appreciate the time. 

Chinn: Thank you. 

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