18 Sep 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversation: TE Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati

I got a chance to catch Cincinnati TE Josiah Deguara during media day at the Senior Bowl on Tuesday, January 21st. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Draft Rite (John Vogel): So I watched you a good bit in the preseason. 

Josiah Deguara: Uh-huh. 

Draft Rite: Somebody told me to put on your tape and so the big game I saw you in was against UCF. This year, right? How did you guys pick apart UCF? 

Deguara: Yeah so, just going into the UCF week, me personally I know they’re really aggressive. They’re a very confident defense. I think I had two or three plays where I kinda got into the middle, you know, they kinda had a hole in the middle there. 

Draft Rite: Yeah.

Deguara: I got to that a couple of times and I kinda knew going into the week. But UCF is a great team, you know, they’re aggressive because they’re really good. So, I knew I had a little advantage knowing that and kinda picked them apart on a couple of drives. 

Draft Rite: So you’re my TE4 right now, which is a lot higher than most people that I know because I think you can block. 

Deguara: Sure. 

Draft Rite: I think that you’re a good route runner and you can catch the ball and I enjoy watching you. So What do you think is your biggest strength? 

Deguara: I think my biggest strength is my versatility in the aspect that I can, you know, split out, play one-on-one, but I can also block inline and block in the backfield, so I think I do a lot of different things well. You know I can move around which some bigger guys might not be able to. So I think that plays as a strength to that aspect of my game, you know, so I think my versatility is my biggest strength. 

Draft Rite: So you think you could play, like, an H-Back role if you had to. 

Deguara: Yeah, yeah, I could do it. Anything that a team needs me to do I will be able to go do. 

Draft Rite: I gotcha. So what do you think is your biggest weakness? 

Deguara: I would say just inline blocking from that standpoint, attacking, you know I’m still learning how to attack different defenders in the passing game as well. Like I’ve said, there’s always room for improvement. I’ve worked a lot on my game in the past two/three years to kinda perfect it. To become a well-rounded player, you know, not just great at one thing and bad at another, but, do a lot of different things well. That’s what I kinda pride myself on doing. 

Draft Rite: Thank you, man, I appreciate you taking a minute. 

Deguara: Appreciate you. 

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