4 Dec 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversation: OT Alex Taylor, South Carolina State

I spoke with OT Alex Taylor from South Carolina State during the Senior Bowl Media Day on Tuesday, January 21st. I waited a good three minutes to catch Alex as a couple of other reporters spoke with him before me. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Draft Rite (John Vogel): Hey Alex, I’m John Vogel. 

Alex Taylor: Nice to meet you. 

Draft Rite: Nice to meet you too. Hey, so, I was looking at some of your tape and stuff, what do you think is your biggest weakness in your opinion? 

Taylor: Probably, I’m tall, you know? So trying to stay low in the run game, develop myself, not rise up so much in the run game. ‘Cause I’m tall and everything works against me, so. That and probably my quickness inside in pass pro[tection]. I’ve been more so using athleticism than technique. So I would say those are probably my two biggest flaws. 

Draft Rite: Okay I got you. Now, Jim Nagy did talk about your camouflage crocks yesterday. 

Taylor: Oh yeah! 

Draft Rite: I see you are proudly wearing those. 

Taylor: They’re good shoes! Most comfortable shoes that money can buy.

Draft Rite: Thanks for the time, man. 

Taylor: Yes sir. 

A few other questions fielded by those before me on my recording.

Reporter: I’ve got to ask ’cause you’re a big guy and it’s apparent on tape to see that you’ve got big feet. I’m just curious, what’s your shoe size? 

Taylor: Man, 18. 

Reporter: Oh, I figured it was somewhere up there, man.

Taylor: I hear you. (Laughs) I hear you. Can’t get no shoes, man!


 Reporter: What do you want to show the NFL scouts here? 

Taylor: That I can play with anybody. Just coming from a small school, you know, that small school stigma needs to be thrown out! You know? There’s been a lot of guys that have shown that they can play. I just wanna keep going, try to keep going. 

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