28 Nov 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversation: EDGE Trevis Gipson, Tulsa

I got a chance to speak with Tulsa EDGE Trevis Gipson at the Senior Bowl media day on January 21st. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

When I approached him, he was fumbling with his name tag. It was early in the day, and he was the first interview I recorded. With a bright smile on his face, he adjusted his credential card so that his name would show.

Trevis Gipson: Let me get this thing on. 

Draft Rite (John Vogel): (Laughs) They don’t know who you are yet. (Laughs)

Trevis Gipson: No sir not yet. 

Draft Rite: I have a feeling that by the end of this week, they’re going to know exactly who you are. 

Gipson: Oh yeah, that’s the plan. I just got to finish out this week strong. Put in the work. 

Draft Rite: So what do you think you are going to show this week? 

Gipson: I think I’m going to show some versatility to my game, you know? I feel like I’m pretty decent at stopping the run, but, you know, it’s time to show that. My pass rush is something that should be noticed about me. Just show my speed to power, or power to speed, different stuff, you know? Show my versatility. 

Draft Rite: Yeah. I liked you off of the EDGE when I was watching you. What’s your biggest weakness in your opinion? 

Gipson: I would say my flexibility, man. 

Draft Rite: The bend? 

Gipson: Yeah. I feel like it’s pretty decent right now but of course, it’s definitely not where I want it to be. 

Draft Rite: So do you think you’re going to have a good inside move to counter that bend? 

Gipson: Oh yeah, definitely, I can. I’m going to play around with it on 1v1’s today. 

Draft Rite: Okay, I’ll be watching! I want to see it. 

Gipson: Definitely. I’ll probably stick to it one certain way but through the whole week I’ll mix it up most days. 

Draft Rite: Awesome. Hey man, I look forward to seeing you. 

Gipson: Definitely. Yes, sir! 


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