20 Sep 2020

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Senior Bowl Conversation: CB AJ Green, Oklahoma State

I got the chance to speak with Oklahoma State cornerback AJ Green on Tuesday, January 21st at the Senior Bowl media day. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

Draft Rite (John Vogel): So I watched you a little bit at Oklahoma State. So I’m a little bit familiar with what you have got. What do you think is your biggest strength that you’re going to show this week at the Senior Bowl? 

AJ Green: I think my biggest strength that I’m going to show is that I’m a physical press corner. I can go into any scheme, play any type of corner, you know, play cover one, cover three or cover eight. I have the size and the length to match up with the smaller, faster receivers, and the bigger taller receivers. 

Draft Rite: So do you think that you’re going to be better as a press slot type guy? Or do you think you’re an outside boundary dude? 

Green: I, uh, let’s see, I can uh…

Draft Rite: You want to do both? 

Green: Yes, sir, I want to do both. 

Draft Rite: Okay, cool. So do you prefer playing press or do you prefer playing off? 

Green: I like playing press so I can get up there and kinda get my hands on them. I also enjoy playing off. 

Draft Rite: I gotcha. So what do you think is your biggest weakness? 

Green: I would say that I really don’t have a weakness. I would say that I have to fine-tune my mechanics at the next level. The chemistry that those receivers and quarterbacks have you can be draped all over a receiver and they still find a way to get it. 

Draft Rite: I mean, look at AJ Terrell against LSU. 

Green: Yeah, yeah.

Draft Rite: He had great coverage all game. 

Green: They found a way to fit it in there. Yeah. NFL type quarterback. 

Draft Rite: Yeah. So do you have a preference on where you want to go? 

Green: No, I don’t have a preference. Whoever takes me and gives me an opportunity.

Draft Rite: No hometown team? 

Green: I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. 

Draft Rite: Cool dude. I appreciate you taking a minute. 

Green: Yeah. 

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