22 Sep 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

The Auburn Tigers have had a history of producing talented defensive linemen and this year is no exception. Nick Coe has played several defensive positions during his Auburn career. Coe’s efforts help the Tigers finish in the top 30 in total defense and made life difficult for opposing offenses.

When you look at the Auburn defense over the past few years, you will see a number of players that are playing on Sunday or will be playing on Sunday. Nick Coe is one of the Tigers that will hear his name called at the NFL draft in April. Coe did not play in the Outback Bowl against Minnesota, so draft preparation has already started for the athletic defensive end.

Coe has plenty of positive attributes and skills pro scouts will love. Coe has a good combination of power and speed. Nick is strong enough to use his power to pester the quarterback, but he is quick to contain the running game as well. Coe is a versatile player along the defensive line, but he will either add weight to play the tackle or continue to be used on the edge. Coe is a player that can be molded, and a good coaching staff can unlock his potential.

Like all the players that have declared for the draft, Coe has areas that need improvement. Coe has been using his power to get into the offensive backfield and harass the quarterback, he would benefit from cleaning up his footwork and speed. Improving on using his hands to combat blockers would also improve his draft stock. Coe is a work in progress, but he has the talent to be a defensive force.

The final projection for Coe, as it stands right now is a third-round selection. Coe can either improve his stock or slip in the draft, but he has the talent to be a day one pick, it is just reaching the potential.

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