27 Nov 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

The offensive line prospects are always placed at a high value every NFL draft, and this group will not be any different. NFL team executives place a high value on being able to protect the quarterback’s blind side. Teams always need talent on the offensive line and Austin Jackson is one of the better prospects, that has declared for the draft.

Austin Jackson has yet to announce his decision on whether he will return to USC. Jackson tends to stick out on game film. Jackson has unique quickness for a man his size and his athleticism is impressive. Jackson, according to NFL observers, is already being projected as a first-round pick, even though he has not decided on his draft prospects.

The positives are easy to identify with Jackson. Jackson has impressive athleticism and his speed will make up for problems when he is beat by the opposing defensive linemen. Jackson has racked up 25 consecutive starts for the Trojans and his durability is a plus for any NFL team that drafts him.

Weaknesses are always examined a little more thoroughly when it comes to the offensive linemen. Jackson needs to improve when picking up and identifying the blitz. Jackson also needs to improve upon not getting into a hand fighting contest against opposing linemen.

The draft projection for Jackson is late first or early second round. With the need for quality offensive linemen in the NFL, I would not be shocked to see him go in the first round. Jackson has until January 19th to make a draft decision, until then all of this is speculation.

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