18 Sep 2020

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RB Lamical Perine, Florida

HT: 5’11”
WT: 218 lbs
Year: Senior
High School: Theodore (Mobile, AL)
Accolades: Senior Bowl

Lamical Perine scouting report

Speed/Athleticism: Lamical Perine shows some good athleticism and nimble feet, but his acceleration is seriously lacking. Once he breaks into the open field, Perine has some crazy speed. It takes him a good long while to get to that speed. He’s an angle breaker in the open field.

Contact Balance: Has good contact balance, though it’s not great. He generally falls forward but doesn’t have the power to drive a pile. Will get held up by linebackers from moving forward. He doesn’t break many tackles, but when he does break one it is explosive.

Receiving Ability: Great receiver out of the backfield. Perine is comfortable with catching passes from multiple angles. Runs good routes and does a good job adjusting to the coverage that the defenses put on him. Catches well through contact. Reminds me of Josh Jacobs in this part of his game.

Blocking Ability: Perine can be an effective blocker. Florida didn’t ask him to do it very much, but when he did he showed a strong ability to hold off rushers and buy the quarterback more time. Excellent “chip” blocker. He doesn’t miss many reads.

Field Vision/Football IQ: Generally see’s the field well. He doesn’t have too much of an ability to create when the play isn’t there. Football IQ is there, as he usually picks up his blocking assignment without a hiccup.

Leadership/Personality: N/A.

Overall: Lamical Perine has a good overall skill set, but there isn’t a trait that I find myself pointing to as great. I can see Perine being great in a rotational backfield as a complimentary piece. That’s what he can bring to an NFL team, good solid blocking, receiving and hard-nosed running. He’s a good option for an NFL team to add in day three.

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