22 Sep 2020

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Jaylon Johnson                                                                                                              Utah
190 LBS

Jaylon Johnson finished the season with 36 tackles and two interceptions. Also, Johnson added 11 passes defended and one pick-six. In their years at Utah, Johnson totaled seven interceptions, and 21 passes defended. Johnson is a 2019 All-American and two-time first-team All-Pac 12 cornerback.


Johnson is an athletic, big, and physical corner. He is a press coverage corner with a good hand technique. When in press, Johnson uses good balance and strength to disrupt the receiver. Johnson has good footwork, and breaks ups most passes other corners don’t’ break up. Johnson ball skills are outstanding; he is always swating at the ball and never loses sight of the football when changing direction. Johnson has elite speed and the ability to change direction quickly.


While Johnson is excellent in press coverage, he tends to get a little grabby down the field; he needs to trust his technique more. Being Grabby in the NFL level will cause a lot of penalties. Johnson struggles when playing off-man coverages in the quick passing game. Also, as physical as Johnson is, he needs to work on his tackling, sometimes he is a lazy tackler. Johnson is a gambler and can get beat with double moves. As physical as he is that should not happen. I feel he can improve on tackling ability.


Jaylon Johnson is true outside press corner; with excellent ball skills, the NFL team will love that. He will need to work on his tackling and going to have to get better covering in space. Johnson will need to learn not to be so grabby, will need to play physical in five-yard radius, then ease up after that and let his footwork and ball skills do the rest.

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