18 Sep 2020

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Scouting Report | RB Cam Akers, Florida State

(Photo: Greg Oyster, 247Sports)

Cam Akers hasn’t gotten the clout that many of the other top running backs in the 2020 draft have received, however the Florida State faithful know how valuable he is; but its time that he begins to have his name floated around with the like of Travis Etienne and D’Andre Swift.

Florida State had some phenomenal years with Dalvin Cook and it was unclear if anyone would be able to plug in and pick up where he left off. Stepping on campus as a true freshman Cam Akers has been an immediate asset to the Florida State offense. 

Marco’s Report


At 5’11 & 212 lbs. Akers has the size to be a NFL running back and its not questioned. A couple things that jump out on film is his ability to work through contact and make defenders miss in short spaces, showing great burst of speed in and out of cuts, and finishing runs by dropping his pads. Another thing that not only separates himself but adds tremendous value is his skills in the passing game, whether its catches balls out the backfield or picking up blocks in pass protection. 


Offensive line play has been a nagging issue at Florida State which caused a below average year for Akers in 2018, but the O-Line is not responsible for all of the woes. There have been times where lack of vision and patience as a runner are noticeable. I’d like to see him trust his reads and become more aware of running lanes because in open space Akers is very explosive.

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