27 Nov 2020

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Arkansas Razorbacks NFL Draft Guide

NFL Draft expert John Vogel breaks down what the Arkansas Razorbacks have to offer the NFL.

Arkansas has been a bit of a struggling program for the last couple of seasons. The transition from Brett Bielema to Chad Morris was horrific, and the program has fallen to a state of dysfunction as a result. Bielema’s last couple of seasons were the reason why they were letting him go: he was losing recruiting battles to the rivals up north in Missouri and to the Big 12. The talent has been drained from the program and it’s going to take a special coach to rebuild it, but in the meantime, there are still a few players who can work out at the next level.

LB De’Jon Harris (Sr)

If you like production, you’re going to like De’Jon Harris. Do you like size? You’re going to like De’Jon Harris. This guy collected 100 tackles in each of the last three seasons, finishing his career with 371 stops and 26 for loss. Arkansas has been able to use him as an effective blitzer as well, as he has collected 7.5 sacks.


Harris isn’t the most athletic linebacker, and I think he needs to understand how better to use his feet. Regardless, he’s a violent football player who plays with a chip on his shoulder and a downhill mentality. He’s a valuable asset that can be available day three.

TE Cheyenne O’Grady (RS-Sr)

Cheyenne O’Grady is a vicious vertical threat type player. Arkansas has been known for putting out underrated tight ends and tough running backs, and Grady is just the latest addition to the club. He has 87 career grabs and 9 touchdowns in his four years at Arkansas, despite playing in limited games due to injury.


Injuries are going to be a concern for NFL teams. He has never played a full season in his college career. Despite that, O’Grady is a tough, physical football player who is a good blocker and a very effective receiving threat. He would be good value for a team on day three, as he has day two type talent.

IDL McTelvin Agim (Sr)

McTelvin Agim has the highest ceiling out of these three players on this list. While he has suffered a few minor injuries that have kept him out of a few games in his career, Agim always seems to be making big plays and showing his dominance when it counts. At 6’3″ and 294 pounds, he has the necessary size to be a threat in both fronts (4-3 and 3-4).


When Agim gets the snap count, he’s explosive. When he’s moving inside, it’s even harder to deal with. However, if the blocker can lock him on his initial burst, he struggles to come off of the block and doesn’t seem to have a second move already in mind. His intensity drops when he feels contained. Teams are going to knock him for it and he’s a day three selection.

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