18 Sep 2020

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#10 Jacob Eason
HT: 6’5-7/8″
WT: 231 lbs
Hands: 9-1/2″
Arm: 32-7/8″
Wing: 79″
DOB: 11/17/1997
Year: Redshirt Junior
High School: Lake Stephens (Lake Stephens, WA)
Accolades: NFL Combine.

40: 4.89
Vert: 27.5
Broad: 110
3 Cone: 7.50
20 Shtl: 4.75

Scouting Report: QB Jacob Eason, Washington

Arm Talent: Jacob Eason may just have the most electric arm in this class. His ability to toss the football is incredible, as it appears effortless and casual. Eason is up there with some of the other most natural passers of the ball that we have ever seen. However, Eason has got to learn the concept of touch. Every throw with him is a fastball. He needs to learn to take a little mustard off of some of his shorter throws to give his receivers catchable passes. 18/20.

Accuracy/Placement: Eason is hit or miss with his passes, but generally not a very accurate quarterback. His placement is horrible. That being said, Eason is one of the only prospects in this class who has shown the ability to hit on very tight window throws. There are passes to his game that you point at his arm talent and you can only say that Eason is the only quarterback in this class that can make that throw. He is extremely raw in this category and will have to work very hard to refine this aspect of his game. 13/25.

Positional Technique

Pocket Presence/Footwork: Pocket presence isn’t something that Jacob Eason does well. He does not respond well to pressure and struggles to maintain his composure with conflict. His pocket awareness is better than average, as he generally can move well in the backfield and create space and time. Footwork is quick and generally good, although he can get lazy with it at times. 11/20.

Play Creation/Mobility: Eason does not throw well on the move. He’s not very mobile either. We know this because Washington attempted to use him on speed options and RPO’s and it’s just not an aspect that he is comfortable bringing to his game. He will try to extend plays, but rarely do you see Eason hone in on a throw while trying to extend plays from outside of the pocket. On the bright side, Eason has the ability to throw people open so there is some aspect to his ability to create plays. 8/20.

Mental Aspects

Football IQ/Field Vision: Jacob Eason’s football IQ has certainly been questioned by many as he seems to struggle to grasp concepts around him. To their point, I don’t see him reading defenses on the field or adjusting well to disguised coverages. Field vision is flashy with him. Sometimes, he sees things and makes the tight window throw. Other times, he doesn’t see things and he makes a horribly poor decision. Eason also has a nasty habit of staring receivers down. 8/15.

Leadership/Personality: A lot has been brought to question with NFL teams about Eason’s personality. There were a lot of reports that he had “bombed” his Combine interviews and was one of the only prospects in this class who wasn’t doing well in that category. Before the Combine, I had heard much personally about a lack of maturity that NFL teams wanted to see with Eason. Coaches from Georgia had kept low and under the table that he is difficult to coach, and that was largely part of the decision to keep Jake Fromm in the starting lineup in 2017. He’s clean off of the field, but coachability and maturity is a lot for teams to be concerned about. 3/5.


Jacob Eason has natural arm talent that cannot be anything but God-given. He has throws on tape that are absolutely mind-boggling and you can’t understand how the ball fits through the window and is caught. That being said, Eason puts the ball into danger a lot and has an incredibly high upside. If you can coach him and consistently hone in that talent that he has, Eason can be an elite-level starter. That being said, his floor is very low, and he could be vying for an XFL job next season. I wouldn’t touch him before the fourth-round personally. I would still expect Eason to go day-two.

Injury Rating: (+2)
Ceiling Rating: (5)

Overall Grade: 68

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