27 Nov 2020

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Senior Bowl Preview: EDGE Rushers

The Senior Bowl is officially underway as NFL Draft prospects have begun to receive and accept their invites to the event. The mark of the beginning of the NFL Draft season is huge every year, and we at Draft Rite can’t be more excited for the start of this incredible process.

Incredible as it may be for us, imagine how incredible that it must be for the prospects, the players undertaking it! It’s a big job that they are applying for, and it’s a hard one to obtain.

Draft Rite intends to bring you complete coverage of the NFL Draft and it’s process throughout the Senior Bowl this season, and (with your support) for seasons to come.

Let’s get into it now, shall we?

The List

Here are the EDGE prospects that have (so far) accepted their invites:

EDGE Bradlee Anae, Utah
EDGE Carter Coughlin, Minnesota
EDGE Jonathan Greenard, Florida
EDGE Alton Robinson, Syracuse
EDGE Darrell Taylor, Tennessee
EDGE Josh Uche, Michigan
EDGE DJ Wonnum, South Carolina
EDGE Jabari Zuniga, Florida

Bradlee Anae, Utah


Bradlee Anae is something special. He best projects as a 3-4 EDGE, but is definitely a plug and play player in a 4-3 front as well. Anae is a very balanced, well constructed football player. He is one of the stars on one of the best defenses in the PAC-12, a defense that is seeing five of its players attend this event.

He uses a blend of power and finesse techniques to attack the blocker, mixing his first move between snaps to keep the blocker guessing. His spin move is violent and difficult to contain. While he struggles to get off the block once he is engaged with the offensive lineman in both half man and full man situations, he is still a menacing presence that NFL offenses will need to address.


Carter Coughlin, Minnesota


Want to talk about a unique talent? When I watch tape of Carter Coughlin, it amazes me because I don’t think I have ever seen someone with the skill set that Coughlin possesses. He projects as a 3-4 OLB as well, as he appears to play better upright.

Coughlin is a finesse rusher to the core, preferring to attack offensive linemen with a lot of punches, trying to move them out of position without fully engaging them and work around to the quarterback. While this style can be effective, it’s much harder to accomplish.

I believe that Coughlin may struggle with confidence in his strength. He doesn’t believe that at his size, 6’4″ 240 pounds, that he can compete with an offensive tackle. I don’t think he possesses the athleticism needed to attack the field in the style that he chooses. He can grow into an impressive player, and Mobile will show us just how far he has to go.


Jonathan Greenard, Florida


Jonathan Greenard once played for Louisville, and was a defensive star there. However, Greenard got the chance to go to Florida, as a graduate transfer, and he took it. He’s battled through injuries throughout his career limiting his production severely.

When this guy is on the field, it’s legit. At 6’3″ and 260 pounds, he moves very well for a guy his size. He is a power rusher that can get around the edge with speed. Greenard best projects to a 4-3 front, where he can get into a three point stance and just explode.


Alton Robinson, Syracuse


Alton Robinson was suppose to have a huge season. Unfortunately for Robinson, it hasn’t happened yet. His production has dipped tremendously, mostly because offenses have figured out how to block him already.

Robinson’s first move can be devastating. He transitions from speed to power smoothly, and goes outside with a passion. However, it was observed last season against Notre Dame that his inside move is not anything like his outside moves. Until he shows that he can win with an inside move, his draft stock will continue to plummet.


Darrell Taylor, Tennessee


Darryl Taylor has been on resilient son of a gun. Playing for Tennessee during the late Butch Jones era was difficult, but Taylor got through it and now has begun to really flourish in Jeremy Pruitt’s system.

Taylor has struggled to be consistent with his production, a fact that stat guys will point to. Taylor had two games with 3 sacks last season, yet finished the season with 8 total. He wins with quickness, speed and likes to get around the end. He projects to be a great rotational piece who can be used as a stunter.


Josh Uche, Michigan


Josh Uche is a different type of an EDGE guy, best projecting to be in a 3-4 front. He’s fast, not nearly as powerful, and honestly looks like he could play safety. Uche is a force off of the edge rushing the quarterback. Even a guy going in the first round, Iowa offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs, had serious problems containing his speed.

Uche has a lot to prove in Mobile. He’s fast, but he needs to find other ways to win. Is he a support in run defense? He’s got the entire event at Mobile to show people he can. In the meantime, at just 235 pounds, people would like to see him put on some weight.


DJ Wonnum, South Carolina

DJ Wonnum is an underrated edge guy who’s left big impressions in the past. Wonnum is another guy who has struggled with consistency. He will explode for a game and then disappear for several. Also, sharing the line with Javon Kinlaw certainly gives him more opportunites to slide under the radar. At least, it should.

Wonnum doesn’t seem to have much power, and really needs to fill out his upper frame. He struggles once offensive linemen get hands on him, and he doesn’t have the power to move them out of the way. When he gets a good release and can get by with minimal contact, hes devastating. What about the rest of the time?


Jabari Zuniga, Florida


Jabari Zuniga is one of the more interesting cases in this upcoming NFL Draft class. Zuniga, at times, looks absolutely unstoppable. His release off of the line of scrimmage is pretty hard to beat. However, at other times, it doesn’t even look like his head is in the game. Zuniga has been an inconsistent piece of the Florida defensive line his entire career.

Even with his up/down tendencies to switch between coming into the game and checking out mentally, Zuniga looks to be a special player. When he times his release, he is a monster and is almost unstoppable with extraordinary quickness. He can prove a lot at the Senior Bowl, and hopefully will. He would be good for football.

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