19 Sep 2020

Home of the NFL Offseason

#9 Joe Burrow
HT: 6’3-1/2″
WT: 221 lbs
Hand: 9″
Arm: 30-7/8″
Wing: 74″
DOB: 12/10/1996
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Athens (Athens, Ohio)
Accolades: 2019 Heisman Trophy Winner, Davey O’Brien Award Winner, Manning Award Winner. 2019 1st Team All-American, 2019 1st Team All-SEC.

Scouting Report: QB Joe Burrow, LSU

Arm Talent: Joe Burrow doesn’t have the strongest arm in the class, but it’s a good thing that arm talent isn’t limited to strength, because everything else in this category, Burrow is outstanding at it. He does well with touch passes, knows when he needs to fire a bullet and when he can touch it to someone. 16/20.

Placement/accuracy: I’ve never seen a quarterback in college place the ball better than Burrow. His ability to throw people open is unlike anything that I have ever seen. He is insanely accurate from multiple platforms. Throws well on the move as well as from the pocket and under duress. I don’t believe that there is a throw within 30 yards of the line of scrimmage that Burrow cannot make. 23/25.

Play Extension

Pocket Presence/Footwork: Pocket presence is a strong point to his game. He stands well in the pocket, even when under duress, and uses every second that he has. Pocket awareness is incredible. Moves with the pocket naturally and without a second thought. Burrow seems to always know where he has to move. Footwork could be better and more consistent, although it is quick and he does well on timing routes because of his natural arm strength. 17/20.

Mobility/Play Creation: Joe Burrow is surprisingly mobile. He is sneaky athletic and can gash defenses who are unwary. Think of Aaron Rodgers-type athleticism. His play creation is among the best in the class. He possesses a natural ability to extend the play, manipulating the pocket with a very natural feel. He’s an incredible ballplayer. 16/20.

Mental Aspects

Football IQ/Field Vision: Burrow’s football IQ is toward the top of the class. His very personality oozes intelligence. His field vision is incredible. It’s not often that Burrow misses an open receiver or doesn’t see a defender. Doesn’t force the football. 13/15.

Leadership/Personality: Joe Burrow is an incredible personality. His teammates and the fans like him equally and the same. Goofy personality at times that locks into a stone-cold killer once he dons the uniform and takes the field. He’s quite the personality. Excellent leader. 5/5.


Joe Burrow is clearly the QB1 in this class, there’s not many with a better translatable skillset that has come out of college. Burrow has the arm talent, he’s smart, and he has incredible intangibles. Burrow is fundamentally sound as well. Don’t overthink it. He’s going first overall, and he’s probably the second-best prospect in this class.

Injury Rating: (3)
Ceiling Rating: (2)
Overall Grade: 95

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