19 Sep 2020

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Scouting Report: Jordan Love, QB Utah State

Jordan Love is a 6’4, 225lbs quarterback with a set of tools that has many claiming he could be a top pick with a strong 2019 season after a 2018 breakout campaign saw him post a 32:6 touchdown to interception ratio with 8.6ypa.  Though 2019 hasn’t gone the way many thought it would, plenty of people still point to his traits as a reason to believe he could be a franchise altering player. I dove into the film to examine what kind of prospect Jordan Love is.

Strengths: The tools are pretty remarkable for Love. Good mobility, big frame to shake off would be sacks and pick up extra yards immediately stick out. He plays strong. He has good footwork in the pocket and has a quick and efficient release on the majority of his passes. He has the arm strength to push the ball down the field effortlessly, and can make every throw the NFL will ask of him.

Weaknesses: Love regressed in a big way this season. He is accurate when he can cock back and rifle the football, but his accuracy is drastically impaired when required to put any touch on a pass. Shows no ability to layer a football over a defender and into a receiver. His decision making is putrid at times, with across body and field throws and forcing the ball into coverage. Love plays a ton of hero ball instead of taking what the defense is giving him. He doesn’t appear to be confident in what he sees when forced off of his first read. He will use mobility to buy time but looks lost trying to read the field. The game is visibly fast for him right now, and until it slows down I’m not sure how much he can realistically improve.

Final Thoughts: Jordan Love certainly has the physical tools the NFL looks for, and it will get him drafted if he declares, likely higher than I project. The mental aspect of his game is severely lacking right now, and he has to learn how to put touch on his passes. Instead of looking for the big play seemingly every down, he would be well served slowing down and finding an open read. Right now, I have Love as a purely developmental project player with a late round grade. The hope is that he stays in school and makes a jump next season because if he is able to put it all together, look out.

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