18 Sep 2020

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Scouting Report: Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia

Andrew Thomas has been an anchor for Georgia for quite some time. Battle tested and proven, he is considered by most to be the top offensive lineman in this draft. At 6’5 and 320lbs, he towers over defenders and looks the part. I took the time to study the film and evaluate the caliber of player Thomas could be at the next level.

Strengths: Thomas is the complete package at left tackle and checks every box. Size? He’s massive. Length? He has it. Power? He moves grown men with ease and puts them in the dirt, and enjoys it. Athleticism? He is fluid in space and has excellent footwork, gets to the second level with ease. Thomas handles stunts, twists, and delayed blitzers like a seasoned NFL player, he simply isn’t easily fooled. Active hands that pack a powerful punch. Aggressive at the whistle, rarely letting defenders set the tone of a play. In pass protection he stonewalls bull rushes, and handles speed rushers comfortably, regularly washing them out of the play. In the run game he is violent, and will keep a hole open well long enough for a back to capitalize. Despite being big enough to win with power and athleticism alone, he displays advanced technique that will allow him to win even when physically outmatched against some NFL pass rushers.

Weaknesses: I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I struggled to find a weakness to Thomas’ game. One thing that stood out on film was despite his athleticism, he can be awkward in space getting to the second level. Linebackers have been able to shuck him with ease when he doesn’t have a solid base and angle as he engages. There are times when I would like to see a little more hustle from Thomas, and he could look for work more often when not engaged.

Final Thoughts: If not for Chase Young, Andrew Thomas would be the top player on my board. It wouldn’t be particularly close either. It’s not out of the question that he ends up at the top by April, he’s that good. Quarterbacks and pass rushers get all the hype when discussing the draft, but in a time where offensive lines are the weakest position group in football, Thomas is an elite blue chip prospect. He has the ability to come in day one and be the best player on the line. There are plenty of draft classes that would see him go first overall, and if a team isn’t enamored with a quarterback he would be a player well worth the selection.

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